Company Overview

Established in 1995, Netlaunch has participated in shaping the integration of digital technologies in the marketing mix through understanding the evolution of consumers and how they use information to make decisions. As interactive technologies have become embedded in the day-to-day lives of consumers, information and knowledge is no longer encumbered by analog schedules and limited access but can now be harvested at will (at the speed of light).. The democratization of information has brought about a sobering reality to brands. Marketers need to emerge from behind the curtain of one-way messaging to meet consumers’ demand for transparency and engage them in relationships of reciprocity and conversation.

As reported in the book The Brand Bubble (Jossey-Bass, 2008), brand value has declined nearly 50% since 1997, as corporate scandals, misconduct and betrayals have eroded the amount of trust consumers have in brands. Our belief is that brand relationships and trust can be repaired and strengthened by facilitating inclusionary discussions in driving innovation and value using the tools of new media. Our experts can develop the insights to create a fully integrated brand strategy across all marketing media to enhance the value of brands by sharing category knowledge and supporting social connectivity. Our starting point is ownership of internet category gateways (intuitive domains) which engage potential customers at the starting point of their transactional pathway.

transactional pathways
The global reach of intuitive domains is limitless because public recognition is pre-established. For example, consistently ranks in the top results for a search of “Golfclubs” on Google, but over 30% of its organic traffic is via direct navigation (type-in traffic). In other words, intuitive domains enjoy the best of both worlds: high traffic through organic search engine rankings compounded with an extraordinary degree of direct navigation traffic. And there is no doubt as to the purity of this traffic. Intuitive visitors to are interested in Myrtle Beach and intuitive visitors to are interested in golf equipment. It is this synergy that consistently yields results for Netlaunch clients like no other advertising medium.

integrated marketing
Our experience in building brands over the last 50 years provides us with the perspective, confidence and competence to help marketers navigate today’s complex media landscape to achieve relevancy and nurture longer term relationships with their customers. From traditional to new media, our integrated solutions (pointing prospects to intuitive domains) help clients yield longer-lasting and sustainable returns in their courtships with their customers.

Netlaunch can build both the integrated strategy and acquire the appropriate domain name to allow brands to jump to category leadership status.