Our Approach

To achieve the greatest insights, we offer a disciplined and comprehensive approach to aligning expectations and deliverables. We take into consideration individual and collective forces which can be analyzed from both subjective and objective perspectives to understand how systems and process, behavior, psychology, and culture influence the mindsets of customers.

strategic analysis
Our approach allows us to answer the following strategic questions:

Objective – What are we trying to accomplish?

  • What are the key problems or challenges that must be addressed?
  • How will results be measured (Awareness, Trial, Conversion, Retention, Brand Health, Trust, Etc.)?

Targeting – Who do we want to begin our courtship with?

  • What segments represents the greatest opportunities? (Segmentation Analysis – Psychological Drivers)
  • What are the demographics, psychographics, buying and usage patterns, and value systems of the key target? (Behavioral Drivers)

Landscape – How does competition influence the brand courtship process?

  • What is the competitive framework? (Data Meta Analysis – Systems and Process Drivers)
  • Competitive Analysis (Psychological Drivers)

Messaging – How do we communicate in the most authentic way?

  • What is the current mindset of the target? (Psychological Drivers)
  • What is the most important and differentiating thing we can say? (Psychological and Behavioral Drivers)
  • How do we say it and why should they trust us? (Psychological Drivers)

Marketing Mix – Where do we reach the people we wish to begin our courtship with?

  • What media will help us best connect with the target? (Cultural, Systems and Process Drivers)
  • Where should media be placed for the greatest relevancy? (Cultural, Psychological, Behavioral, Systems and Process Drivers)

Innovation – What new opportunities make sense to investigate?

  • What opportunities exist for game-changing activities? (Cultural, Psychological, Behavioral, Systems and Process Drivers)

A typical assignment includes four phases of development to yield a comprehensive BRAND COURTSHIP Strategic Outline.

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