Key Strategic Insight

“Today’s marketing model is broken.  What we really need is a mind-set shift, a mind-set shift that will make us relevant to today’s consumers, a mind-set shift from ‘telling and selling’ to building relationships.”

Linear models provide a partial view of consumer behavior but fail to provide the deep understanding of more complex systems necessary to build relationships.

Purchase Funnel

In the age of consumerism, brand sustainability relies far more on the quality of the relationship with the customer, than the quality of the products and services being delivered, which is the cost of entry.

New Model

The foundation of all successful relationships is Trust .

Frame this in something we can all relate to – “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.”


As this explains the ascension of people from basic life needs through personal growth and fulfillment, we actually see the evolution of marketing.

Central to the customer/brand relationships is Trust.

Trust is the perception one has of the credibility, congruency, and care a brand has with its customers.

trust comapss

To gain a greater understanding of the influence of Trust, sub-components of credibility, congruency and care must be measured to identify action levers for increasing brand health and transactions.  These 12 levers can be quantified via our proprietary questionaires to gain the insights necessary to drive BRAND COURTSHIP.

Transforming Trust into an active driver of strategy and performance requires a deeper dive to yield insights into understanding motivations and leverage.  Drivers push the Trust levers.

Investigating system, behavior, psychology and culture drivers provides a comprehensive view of the consumer and how their behavior is influenced by Trust.

This approach avoids the bias of basing strategy on a potentially partial  perspective of behavioral drivers.

Strategic Trust Compass

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