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Different world out there, isn’t it? Wasn’t so long ago that brands told their story in newspapers, radio and television and then something happened; a realization that maybe talking at consumers may not be the most effective way to create a sale. Maybe, just maybe, having a brand talk with the consumer is better and maybe, just maybe, having consumers talk among themselves about the brand is the ideal.

So it is time for brands to go a courting.

Introducing BRAND COURTSHIP. It’s how you can get to brand engagement and, ultimately, brand marriage and live happily ever after.

As a marketer in this new world of socially connected consumers, how are you adapting? Are you a welcome suitor in the courtship ritual, or are you still taking a one-sided, self-interested approach espousing your virtues with a bullhorn?

The lesson learned from the rapid rise of social networking is that people prefer to have a conversation and dialogue within their networks, not an invasive, one-way communication through traditional media. Marketers must learn to adapt if they want their communication to maintain its effectiveness with a suddenly harder to please customer (and potential partner).

The Brand Consultants at Netlaunch, Inc. have developed BRAND COURTSHIP as a new methodology to optimize brand health in the 21st century. Our renaissance marketing approach is customer-centric and tackles the increasing complexity of brand building by focusing on knowing the customer better to develop strategies that are more engaging and more informed. Much like a personal courtship where the engagement ritual initiates optimism for a long and successful relationship, we empower brand relationships through developing strategies and campaigns which promote reciprocity and conversation.

Brand Relationship Hierarchy

We have evolved from a mindset of communicating function, building awareness, establishing image, and creating emotional connection to an understanding of a new transactional pathway. This pathway focuses on the perspective of the customer – where purchase consideration is first developed in a context of category needs, insights are then drawn from objective resources, confirmation is attained through peer interaction, and empowerment is achieved to make smarter buying decisions.

Many consultancies offer well-intentioned strategies designed to build brand equity over time.  Netlaunch can offer our clients opportunities to achieve high ROI interactions with prospects through engagement at the category level  – one which they can own as a gateway to share and shape the mindset of customers. We can achieve this through offering category specific domain names where social networking and the brand courtship can begin. As customers are seeking increasing value from their brands, adding value through facilitating social networking (and conversation) at the category level is the next BIG differentiator and KILLER application.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to capture the minds and trust of highly loyal and influential audiences, look to Netlaunch to help you navigate this new age of marketing through BRAND COURTSHIP.